Good morning everyone. This is from a good friend of mines. But, I think it will minister to someone today.

MIRACLES start to happen when we give as much ENERGY to our DREAMS as you do to our FEARS!! NEVER stop believing in HOPE because MIRACLES happen EVERYDAY!!!! Good things take TIME but MIRACLES take FAITH!!! Keep in mind, MIRACLES can just happen—–SILENT prayers can get answered—-BROKEN HEARTS can become brand new for that is what FAITH can do!!! It is WONDERFUL what MIRACLES God works in wills that are TOTALLY surrendered to Him!!! You can often face your GREATEST opposition when you are CLOSEST to your BIGGEST MIRACLE!!! MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN!!! Stop SHRINKING back in FEAR and start moving FORWARD in FAITH!! God’s SPECIALTY is making the IMPOSSIBLE—–POSSIBLE!!!!