My daughter cut her eye at work. She went to Emergent Care. She had a bad laceration on her eye. The doctor prescribed her some medication that she had to put in her eye for several days. The doctor instructed her that someone had lost their eye with an injury such as that and that it was very important for her to put the drops in her eyes regularly every four hours like clockwork. She could not miss one dose. Well the moment she called and told me that she had the injury, we began believing God for her healing in advance. She was told to stay out of sunlight and direct light so she put a patch over her eye. She was in a lot of pain. But God! She had a follow up the very next day and the doctor said that the cut on her eye was almost completely healed. She went back the day after and the doctor said she was completely healed. It was as if nothing had ever happened!!! We are still rejoicing and thanking Him for what He has done.