Pastor, I want to thank God for His faithfulness. My daughter was working at a certain restaurant and due to the virus work was very slow. She was working, based on tips. She applied for a job at a “high end” restaurant where you receive a salary, plus tips. Well, she text me and told me she had received an email informing her that she did NOT get the job. I sent her some words of encouragement via text to not give up, God’s got this, not to worry.   A little while later she sent me a text message with a photo attached of a voice mail message that she had received from the company that had sent her the email. It seems they had tried to call her and for some reason she did not hear the phone ring so she didn’t get the call so it went to voice mail. After she had read my text messages she went about her day and later on went back to her phone and saw that she had a missed call and a voice mail was waiting for her. Now the email said that she did NOT get the job but the voice mail said that they reviewed her resume and that she checked all of the boxes and they wanted to know when she could come in to start the onboarding process, to please give them a call back. THEY WANTED HER TO START IMMEDIATELY! Pastor I know that was the Lord. Don’t tell me He isn’t always working on our behalf. You just have to trust Him. Don’t count Him out.