“God is awesome! He loves me so much. Just recently I was faced with having to take care of something that was quoted as costing right under $14,000.00. I could not pay that kind of money. There was no way I could afford to pay $14,000.00. I talked to my Heavenly Father about it. The next day I listened to Bishop Downing’s Facebook Livestream. He was talking about Commanding the Authority and Power. So I put my faith into action. I said I have command authority over this situation. I have dynamite power. I will not have to pay $14,000.00. I’m not going to have to pay any higher than $5,000.00 for everything. I have authority over this situation. I command this situation to work out in my favor in Jesus Name. The amount I ended up having to pay was $4,900.00. I activated my faith. Thank you Jesus and thank you Bishop Downing for teaching us.”