“Bishop Downing has been speaking on utilizing the authority inside of you. A few weeks ago I was faced with a situation in which I was going to have to pay over $24,000.00 because of an agreement that had been signed several years ago. The company was adamant that I was to be held accountable for the amount owed. This devastated me, I was already paying bills left and right and money was getting low. And this hit hard. I began to cry uncontrollably and the person on the phone tried to calm me down but I just couldn’t take it anymore, I just kept on crying. I got off of the phone and continued to cry. I felt I needed to let those tears fall. Once I finished crying I wiped my face and I began to talk to the Lord. I said “okay Lord what are we going to do about this?” Immediately God reminded me of a live Facebook feed that Bishop Downing had done a few weeks back. In that live feed he talked about having command authority and using that authority, commanding it into action. He said that we had power…dynamite power and we should use that power. At that very moment I began speaking to my situation. I said “they do not have control over this situation, I have control over this situation. I command this situation to change in my favor and I have all the power…dynamite power in Jesus Name. They can send me the contract and whatever else they want to but when they come back they are going to say that I have a zero balance in the Name of Jesus. I will owe them nothing, In Jesus Name Amen! It is done. I am not going to think about this or worry about this anymore. And devil your on notice right now. Don’t try and seep in my mind trying to make me think I’m still going to have to owe this money. Because I am not. I going to my Father on you so you better leave me alone.” The devil did try and mess with me but every time he did I would call on my Father to take care of him. The very next morning I had an email to pop up in my mailbox. It was from the company about the upcoming bill. There was an attachment I am assuming it was the contract. I did not even look at it. I said okay Lord you ready to do this. He said lets do it, open it up. I opened the email and it started with apologies for upsetting me and making me cry. It went on to say after checking some things out we found out that the person that did your exit interview did not have all of the correct information. They were not fully informed on what needed to be discussed with the client at the time of an exit interview. Because of this we are going to waive your last payment. You will have a ZERO BALANCE!!! Please disregard all future bills and statements. You do not owe anything else!!! Praise God! I activated the authority inside of me from my Heavenly Father and changed the situation in my favor. I decreed it and it came to pass! Thank you Father!”