Bishop may I share with you how the prophetic words you gave manifested in my family today.

If you remember you prophesied that GOD WILL SUPERSIZE OUR DREAMS. HE WILL SUPERSIZE OUR VISIONS. And you whispered to me God will raise up ENGINEERS in our church. My daughter, Keziah, had been dreaming of taking a nursing course at her most desired school, which is at the Central Mindanao University. It is one of the most popular, biggest and highest standard for a university throughout the Philippines. She took the admissions test but she failed it. This made us very sad, but we believed that God would make a way for her to attend that University.

We prayed. We asked in faith. And as an act of faith we wrote a letter to the University President. In the letter we were requesting for his presidential discretion to grace our daughter Keziah a chance to enroll in the University, based on whatever courses may be available. Last Friday we received the official confirmation email of the President’s approval of our request. Hallelujah!!!

Today we went to the University to enroll Keziah. But we were surprised because the University is putting her in the Engineering course!!! She and we only dreamed for a nursing course, but the Lord has put her in the ENGINEERING COURSE!!! That’s what she wanted all along. Indeed the Lord oversized our dreams! He   oversized our visions! He will raise up ENGINEERS in our church!

We thank God for this wonderful favor. All glory belongs to HIM.

Please pray for Keziah as she begins her journey.