Testimonial from the Philippines:

Bishop, you came to my church and spoke. You whispered in my ear that God was raising up engineers in my church. You called out those who wanted to be teachers, engineers and another profession. My daughter was going to be a teacher, but she always wanted to be an engineer. She applied to one of the top universities here to be a teacher. She received a     letter saying, she had not been accepted. I stood on what you had preached about having Bold, Radical Faith and confidence. I wrote a letter to the President of the University     asking him to please take another look at my daughter’s application. Also that she was   willing to accept any program that was open. Well a few days later we got a letter saying my daughter had been accepted to the University. We took her there to enroll in the       University and to find out what program she would be enrolled in. Well God not only got her accepted into the university, but also in the ENGINEEERING PROGRAM!!! Praise God and thank you Bishop for that message.