Good Morning Bishop. When we burnt the church mortgage and you told us to bring other loans. I brought my car loan & I had my daughter to bring her student loan payment for college. She wrote it down on a piece of paper (which the school did not offer financial aid) $15000.00 or more plus interest for her to go. Her payments were $650.00 a month. This was for a 12-15 month pro-gram. We both believed God that both loans would be paid off before the end of 2023. Well, God paid off the remainder of my car loan in August which was $4400. Two days after my daughter’s graduation, God paid off the remainder of her student loan in full $3700. With His Good Good self! He is so good. Now I’m believing and standing in faith and the Word of God that the House is next in line. It’s coming. My book will be finished by December 31st this year.