Pastor, when you came to Fiji, I texted you a message on that Saturday morning when you first arrived. I informed you that my baby was sick and wasn’t breathing properly. You instantly texted me back and told me you were praying for her NOW. I want you to know my baby is fine, she’s eating and getting stronger. The doctors examined her and saw what was wrong and was confused as to how everything cleared up and she was able to breathe.


Pastor, I want to thank you and your team for coming to Fiji. I was having back problems before and during the conference. When Pastor Foster, declared that back problems were being healed, I received my healing. The back problem and pain I was having is all gone.


Pastor, thank you for coming to Fiji. I received my healing. The man of God called out weak ankles, too weak to hold up the body weight. That was me, but now my ankles are strong and I’m able to walk without any issues.


Pastor, as the man of God called out migraines, I received my immediate deliverance from migraines and headaches. Praise God!


Pastor, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior on Saturday morning during the conference and was baptized the next day which was Sunday. I can already tell a difference in my life.