Bishop about a month ago, I was experiencing issues with blood circulation in my legs and feet, causing my ankles and legs to swell. I got to the point in which I could not move. My feet were ice cold. I began to get tired and feeling very weak. Because of the poor blood circulation, oxygen was not getting to my heart, lungs and brain properly. I began to pray and speak healing over my body. I told God I did not want to die and He said “YOU WILL NOT DIE”. Bishop you called and you said you would pray for me. You said the enemy is trying to attack your body. But he has LOST. You are DELIVERED and HEALED from all that and any other abnormalities. THEREFORE BE DELIVERED and HEALED IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. I stood in agreement with you. I continued to stand on God’s Word and speaking healing over my body. Everyday I said “I am healed in Jesus Name”.This issue with my body occurred during the time of our fasting and praying. The weekend when we had sunrise prayer, I was able to get down on my knees fully and pray and talk to God. And I was able to get up by myself . I have NOT been able to do that without some assistance in a very long time. Praise God!!! God is so good! Thank you God for my healing.