My testimony of “GOD’s 4D FAVOR ON ME!!!” I paid for a coach seat 14D, and HE upgraded me to seat 1A FIRST CLASS not once BUT EVERY FLIGHT coming and going. I had the VERY FIRST seat 1A EVERY FLIGHT! I was the FIRST person the flight attendant came to. My printed boarding pass had 14D on it. When I got it from the lady at the counter it never left my hand. After I prayed for the pilot and the plane, I walked inside the plane, heading back to 14D. God said (Not something said), look at your boarding pass (PAPER) again. I looked, and it had SEAT 01A! I said, “Ohh, What OK!” and turned around. Jesus changed my printed boarding pass! I sat in my seat and pulled out my phone to look at my digital boarding pass. It had 14D, and it changed before my eyes to 01A. Then, on my return flight, AFTER I PRAYED THE WORD, He revealed I had SEAT 01A AGAIN!!! Bishop has been teaching the importance of praying the Word! Every time He revealed MY BLESSING it was immediately following my prayer.