Hearing from the Lord, November 21, 2017.

The Lord woke me up about 2:30 am and I went and got my notebook and pen.  Prayed in the Spirit for a moment, then just listened.   He directed me to Isaiah 64:11.  It says, The holy and beautiful Temple where our ancestors praised you has been burned down, and all the things of beauty are destroyed.”  At first (being 2:30 am), I thought…  what?  Did I miss something?   Then I prayed in the spirit again briefly then I got this following word, along with Instruction to whomever reads it.

The instruction is:

There is one place written where it has a personal name.  In that location, whomever is reading shall put their own name in there instead.

Then the Lord said,

This was an image of the church. (Isaiah 64:11*) My body.  My church had become desolate, overrun, segregated, separated, and condemned.  But no longer.  I am raising them up.  An army of prayer warriors.  My kings and priests are silent no longer.  The words of their mouth have been heard.  Their outcries have been heard and no longer will the enemy overrun them.  The temple is no longer destroyed.  For I have been lifted up in great expectation and I will meet and exceed those expectations.  I will surpass your goals and dreams.  My body, My church is lifted up with Me.  When I am lifted up, you are lifted up.

For we are one.  No longer are you down trodden and disconnected.  No longer are you defeated and disturbed.  For I am strong and mighty and I will not be ashamed of my church. You, church, are strong and mighty.  A great reckoning.  Mighty!!  Let the enemy shake and cower.  For the time has come.  The outreach has begun.  My word is spreading.  That means I am spreading.  I am being outstretched to all the lands.  Can you not feel my strength and might?  The enemy can literally do no-thing to stop it.  Even their plans to slow it have failed.  I cannot be stopped.  Therefore, you church, you body, you (your name here) cannot be stopped.  Let the nations hear and tremble.  I, THE LORD, SHALL NOT BE STOPPED.  I am mighty and I will no longer let My people be ashamed.  Rise up church.  Rise up my people. Be alive.  Be strong.  Be courageous.  I have spoken.  It is finished! It is finished! It is finished and complete, says The Lord of Hosts.  Amen.