First of all, I’ll say this.. I’m in no way bragging on me. Promotion comes from the LORD. Any ability I have or favor I was shown comes from HIM. 2016 was a traumatic year for me. I’ll not go into details, but it was bad. I really began leaning on the LORD and became consistent with tithing and giving money to others in faith in addition to tithe. I began a new journey by moving to an area with no employment. I got hired November 2016, with no experience at all in the job category. In less than 2 months, I was promoted to another position within the same company. Another 2 months passed and I was promoted to lead of the area I started in (same company). Later the same year, I received a significant raise. And again in about a years time after my start date, I’ve been promoted again to an office job, salary position, all in the same company. Increase after increase after increase.. all with little or no experience in each position. That’s the favor of GOD!!!! And That’s just the beginning. I will continue to tithe and give more and more. At this rate, I’ll own the company soon. GLORY BE TO THE MOST HIGH. He gives the increase and causes a harvest of great generosity in us.