Good Morning Pastor.
I have to tell you this!
You been talking about praying on our jobs .We have had 2 tragedies here this year, down falls for the company, and layoffs. A tremendous amount of people are leaving the company. I still have  been praying, I know God has me on assignment. We had our townhall meeting this morning on how the company is doing and the future of the company. This meeting is held once a year.  Well! They just reported to us that in 2017 we were $3.8 million in the hole and that caused  lay offs and 1/2 bonuses were still given.
2018 the company was about $1.8 million in the hole but sales for the year was around $4.2 million. We still had a lot of people we owed and  that caused a good bit of companies to blacklist us. The morale was down and people started to retire and some even quit.
BUT GOD! 2019 report was that the company came out of the hole in 6mths time (Oct-Dec 2018) (Jan.-Mar.2019)
The company made well over $5.1 million and bonuses were received for 2018 and 2019 for April. Raised will be given in April. The blacklist of companies came back with multiple opportunities for business. Businesses from all over. I know this might be small to some but I just wanted to share and say prayer definitely works!
Thanks Pastor for being the Great leading Pastor you are!