This is the testimony of Brother Henry Rabonu as it was sent to us.

In the first week of September 2019, Henry Rabonu, a 17 year old student had body pains that started from his legs and went all over with headache. Not knowing the cause, his mother took him to the hospital for check up. He was given medications only and sent home.

On the 9th of September, his parents took him back to hospital as his legs were getting swollen and he was admitted that day at Nadi Hospital. On the 11th he was further transferred to the Lautoka Hospital.

Henry’s condition grew worse. He underwent numerous tests and biopsies to see what type of disease may have caused his condition but the doctors found nothing. They may have assumed that Henry has S.L.E which consists of 7 different types of diseases, but to no avail. The I.C.U, the surgeons still could not out a finger on a particular disease. Henry was in so much pain 24/7.

Being tired from all the tests and biopsies, all he wanted to do was to go home. His father Nemani Rabonu kept saying “be patient my son, you will be home soon”. At one point Henry had lost consciousness and was gone for 20 minutes after a female doctor while in a hurry operated on Henry before going into the children’s ward to check on a patient. His father was so furious the way the doctor operated on him. After giving him a needle to make him numb, in seconds she was already cutting on him. Henry was not numb yet as he felt the knife piercing through his body and that’s when he lost himself`. His father kept on praying “Lord this is my son Henry do something”`. Henrys family attends the village Methodist church but they frequently sow seed into the Word of Faith International Church.

Henrys grandmother asked if Pastor Downing could pray for him on Tuesday night December 18th –the 2nd night that Pastor preached at the Word of Faith. Everyone at the building stood in agreement over Henry’s healing. Meanwhile at the hospital Henry couldn’t go to the restroom alone- he has to go with someone’s else’s help. To the parents surprise Henry got out of bed and headed for the restroom `on his own. The next`morning he came with his mother all the way from the hospital that is about 45mins drive to be able to sow some bread for the campers breakfast. `Well sure enough on Friday the 20th of December, Henry was free to go home.

With no disclosure on the doctors report they’re still amazed not knowing what happened. Henry came home to families and relatives waiting to welcome him home. On Sunday afternoon the 22nd of December he came with his family to be part of the closing of the camp To God be the glory.