This Word from the Lord for 2020 was given to Pastor A. L. Downing between 4:30am on December 5, 2019. He was in his study preparing a message.


BOLD Confessions from the Word.
BOLD Commands of the Word.
BOLD Faith in the Word.
BOLD Stance on the Word.

This is not for the timid. This is the year for those who want to see and do the extra-ordinary. This is the year for those who are willing and want to go where others dare not go.

This is the year the anointing will flow freely and in abundance.

This is the year you will see the miracles, the signs and the wonders that you have been praying for.

This will be a year of surprises one after the other.

This is your year LFCC and its members, guests and friends.

You will receive your desires and see them come to past. You will see your needs met. You will receive things you did not ask for. You will receive them because you are MINE and I LOVE YOU. You will receive the things you have longed for and thought forgotten and things you didn’t ask for.

This is your year of blessings after blessings after blessings.

Simply put Living Faith Christian Center…IT IS YOUR TIME to RISE and SHINE. So sing the song “Favor of God” Because the Favor of God shall be and will be all over you and blessings, blessing every time you turn around Blessings, the FAVOR of God is all over you…sing it and let the blessing come down, sing it and let the MY FAVOR be shown so others will know YOU ARE MINE!

Be Blessed,

A.L. Downing