The Word of the Lord came to me and said look at the number 21 in 2021. Divide 21 by 3 it will equal to 7. Seven is the number that stands for completeness and perfection both physically and spiritually. This year Living Faith you are coming into a year of perfection and completeness. You are coming into a new and higher level of maturity, a new level of order, and a new level discipline in doing things to perfection.

Then divide 21 by 7 and it will equal 3. The number three represents divine wholeness, completeness, and perfection. I am showing you that you will experience completeness and perfection on new levels this year. I am bringing you up higher and challenging you like never before, because I have NEW and BOLD things for you to do Living Faith. Yes, you will have and experience wholeness on a new level.

You will experience wholeness in your finances, but you must give to experience it and expect it, because it WILL happen.
You will experience wholeness in your health, but you must believe me for it and do your part.
You will experience wholeness in your spiritual growth and development. But, you must have faith because YOU ARE going to another level and can’t function as in the past and some of your friends, closest friends will not be able to go. They will see you progressing and moving upward, but will not be able to come. Don’t worry, they will be alright. They’re just not ready and haven’t been trained or properly taught. But, you Living Faith are about to experience these three things concerning the numbers 3 and 7. You are about to experience WHOLENESS, COMPLETENESS and PERFECTION. And you WILL experience them in EVERY area of your LIFE. You will experience then in all you do. I just want you to remember, in all that you do, just do things as unto me and I will honor you and reward you.

Notice I divide those numbers 3 and 7 into 21. But, now multiply 3×7 = 21. I want you to know I AM (my covenant name) am going to multiply you that many times and many over. This is your year of wholeness, this is your year of completeness, this is your year of perfection and this is your year of being multiplied.

So, Living Faith get ready, get ready for a new level. Get ready to be multiplied for you have found favor in my sight and it is marvelous in my eyes. I know you’re not perfect and have faults and flaws, but I’m TELLING YOU, YOU ARE MARVELOUSE IN MY EYES, SO GET READY TO HAVE ALL YOUR NEEDS MET, GET READY TO WALK IN ABUNDANCE AND OVERFLOW…FOR I THE LORD HAVE SPOKEN.!!!

Be Blessed,

Bishop A.L. Downing