Pastor, first I thank my God and I want to thank you for the rich Word of God that you deliver to us on Sunday and through Bible Study. About one and a half years ago, my wife’s doctor told her that she had cancer and a tumor.  However, my wife didn’t tell me what the doctor had said until about six months ago. The reason she finally told me was because the doctor wanted to explain to me the type of procedure or surgery she had already agreed too. I told the doctor there will be NO surgery, no cuts or test made on her body until I first seek God’s guidance. I told him I needed 30 days. He told me he would not test her again no matter what happens. I respectfully said to him that’s fine, we can get another doctor, but there will be no surgery for 30 days. During those 30 days I was listening to all those sermons you had preached on faith and I began to speak the word of faith over my wife. Well my 30 days were up on the 13th of June 2022. I drove my wife back to the Lexington Hospital. The lead doctor (whom I won’t mention), but I was told he oversees the cancer section of the hospital. He took her in the back to perform surgery on her. I told them “you need to do another test or check because you won’t find the cancer nor the tumor.” Well the next thing I noticed was them bringing my wife back. They told me she was healthy and there were no signs of the cancer or the tumor! The doctors were baffled. The lead doctor asked me if I could bring her back in seven days so he could test her on another piece of equipment. I told him I would bring her back. But he would get the same results. I praise and thank God that today my wife is cancer and tumor free. We could not have done it without the powerful word of faith coming from you and the ministers at Living Faith Christian Center.