A.L. Downing


Sometime back on one of the periscope  calls pastor prayed and said God was going to continue to elevate me in area of work. I was  temporarily promoted to the Civilian  Personnel Division Chief I have been praying to that I would receive this as a permanent position. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and the timing worked out so I know it was God.  I continue to seek peace and confirmation that comes with knowing this is His will. I started there in fall of 2016 and it’s only been 18 months and I’ve been promoted twice. Extremely humbled and equally amazed at what God is doing.

- North Carolina -
You ministered to me awhile back that I would have unusual kindness and favor. I received a phone call from one of my cousins and asked how I was going to pay my house payment. My cousin agreed to pay my house payment.
WOW look at God speak through you on my behalf. Praise the Lord for unusual kindness and favor.Thank you and LFM for everything.
- South Carolina -

    As you know or may not know I have been in a new position since the middle of Nov of 2017.  I have been praying for 10 years for the Lord to move from the front desk but nothing ever came.  Finally my Director (not my manager) was talking one day and mentioned that she had to find someone for the Billing and Coding position and I spoke up and told her that I would do it.  She agreed and talked it over with my manager.  The position came with a pay raise and own office even though I was not qualified for it.  A memo came out last week that all persons that had access to patients chart in a manner of billing needed to be Certified Billing and Coding personnel.  Instead of my now boss finding another person that is certified to take my position my boss is sending me to class to become a Certified Coder and the Company is paying for it!!  I read my “RECEIVING THE ABUNDANCE” decree every day!  I have it right over my computer with my name highlighted.  I have a coworker that comes in my office now and wants to know what has my Pastor sent out because she wants a copy of it..lol.   I know that what I have longed for and have seen and waited for is about to come to pass! The Lord has already told me to not get comfortable with this because He has much more in store for me!  I am His treasured possession and I belong to Him! Thank you Pastor and 1st Lady for always being that guiding light and always speaking a God sent word into my life.  Love you both dearly!

- Praise Report from SC -

September 12th of 2016 I was shopping at my local grocery store and fell  due to water on the floor and fractured my knee. I reached out to their insurance company of the local grocery store  asking about filing a claim to pay for the medical expenses. The offer I received would not even cover the CT scan. The business office at the hospital  suggested I consult a lawyer to get the insurance  company to pay the bills. I attended Word Explosion was wearing a knee brace and decided to act in faith and remove it. After a year the lawyer finally called and asked what I wanted from the insurance company. I asked that the insurance company to accept responsibility for the medical expenses, and to cover their expenses.  THIS YEAR that company has finally offered a settlement which is 10 times the amount of the All the expenses combined and 25 times the original offer!!!

- South Carolina -

First of all, I’ll say this.. I’m in no way bragging on me. Promotion comes from the LORD. Any ability I have or favor I was shown comes from HIM. 2016 was a traumatic year for me. I’ll not go into details, but it was bad. I really began leaning on the LORD and became consistent with tithing and giving money to others in faith in addition to tithe. I began a new journey by moving to an area with no employment. I got hired November 2016, with no experience at all in the job category. In less than 2 months, I was promoted to another position within the same company. Another 2 months passed and I was promoted to lead of the area I started in (same company). Later the same year, I received a significant raise. And again in about a years time after my start date, I’ve been promoted again to an office job, salary position, all in the same company. Increase after increase after increase.. all with little or no experience in each position. That’s the favor of GOD!!!! And That’s just the beginning. I will continue to tithe and give more and more. At this rate, I’ll own the company soon. GLORY BE TO THE MOST HIGH. He gives the increase and causes a harvest of great generosity in us.

- J Smith -

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